2 5 2 6 robotic clothing

2 5 2 6 is an exploration of materiality in fashion design, with robotic garments that simulate the effects of virtual clothing. 2526 refers to the number of hours invested in the creation of the two polymorphic robotic garments, from ideation to the finish, from the first line of drawing to the last stitch.

NFT and digital fashion were the primary sources of inspiration for the 2 5 2 6 project, as they hold the unique status of not being constrained by the physical reality of materials. However, the two polymorphic outfits of the 2 5 2 6 project are very real: woven, hand-screened, and consolidated materials have been specially designed to create these clothes that simulate the effects of virtual clothing. A surreal undulation generates a play of volume and transparency; their polymorphic movement, as well as their reflectivity, are results of an entirely new flexible material that combines glass, precious metals, and silicone.


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