Sky-Frame, the Swiss-based global leader in frameless sliding door systems debuted at Fuorisalone with ‘A Piece of Sky’ by Stephan Hürlemann, the renowned Swiss architect and designer. More than 30,000 visitors attended ‘A Piece of Sky’ with many waiting for up to two and a half hours to experience the atmospheric, immersive installation. As the sound of the Earth’s rotation recorded by NASA echoed through the vaults of Ventura Centrale, it created something truly unexpected and totally removed from the hustle and bustle of the annual week-long festival.

Stephan Hürlemann said, “It was the first time Sky-Frame has exhibited in Milan and we decided to show an art installation rather than product because we wanted to offer the audience an emotional encounter with the Sky-Frame brand. The installation tells a story about the company – its values, attitude and indirectly also its products with the aim that something will stick – to show people, quite literally that Sky-Frame, the leading international manufacturer of frameless window systems, provides a view not a window to the world.”




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