A Race to the Future: Tesla vs. Delorean

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines…. Today Positron, PBCC and Donut Media released an exclusive VR experience featuring a Tesla Model S P90-D and the Delorean of Back to the Future fame. The virtual reality cinematic experience places viewers in the drivers seat as they race “to the future.”

The first-person, full-cockpit view from behind-the-wheel of both the Tesla Model S and the Delorean is enough to make any gearhead “geek out.” But considering the VR film was shot by two specialized rigs with 14 mounted Go Pros and one Freefly Systems Alta drone, AND released on 10.21.15  (the very day Marty McFly went “back to the future”)…. Now, that’s veritable geek porn.

Available to view on Google Cardboard, Samsung GEAR, Oculus Rift VR headsets, and Youtube 360 video.

Not even Marty could have predicted this one.

featured image: PBCC

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