Alex Israel

A warm welcome to you dear reader, another First Monday of the month edition has arrived. This month, I am excited to present my current art crush and he is one cool Californian kid, Alex Israel.

Other than the candy-esque visuals, Warholian branding (…exploring different fields: film, talk show, fashion-check his sunglasses on Freeway Eyewear) and Koons’ manner of speech, what I find ultra interesting in Israel is his knowledge on the insight of the art market. He worked at galleries, even at the prestigious Sotheby’s auction house for some time. Cool move.

You can see him wearing his sunglasses, always, they add a certain mystic. His paintings are done by the Warner Bros Studio artisans, which adds another level of charm to the detailed description catalogue essays for the auction sales-he is part of the million league club, you see.

Alex Israel flats Dimitria Markou Elusive magazineBackdrops “Flats”, the detail on the side of the canvas adds a nice touch to the painting. It reminds me a lot of Bridget Riley’s paintings, she is really one of the only ones that paints the sides of a canvas.

Alex Israel Sky Backdrop, 2012 Dimitria Markou Elusive MagazineSky Backdrop, 2012
Acrylic on canvas
274.3 487.7 cm (108 x 192 inches)

Alex Israel Self Portrait (Dodgers), 2014 2015 acrylic and bondo on fiberglass Collection of the artist Photo credit Joshua White Dimitria Markou Elusive MagazineSelf Portrait (Dodgers), 2014‒2015,
acrylic and bondo on fiberglass
245 x 213 x  10 cm (96 × 84 × 4 in.)

Alex Israel Dimitria Markou Elusive magazineInstallation view from “le Consortium” in Dijon (France)

43c9fd9210d2165a6420d76d78db5a13This is from the Gagosian Gallery  show with Bret Easton Ellis, runs until April 23rd.

I told you he was cool.
The featured image is from the Huntington show in San Marino, CA. Finissage: July, 11th.

This First Monday of the month, was brought to you by Dimitria.

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