The 50th edition of Art Basel once again presents the most outstanding works the art world has to offer. Masterpieces of modern and contemporary art are on display. We at Elusive Magazine are on the hunt for the future of art. Where does it lead? What can we expect? Is there such a thing as the future of art or does everything remain the same every year – and yet somehow different? And we know future is difficult to describe anyway. But was there something new to see this year? Something future-oriented. Not as much as we had hoped for. There was a lot of art for the sake of art. And that’s a good thing. Political, disturbing, rousing art and that’s also a good thing.

We were fascinated by a work of art that could not be seen, except by the individual viewer in private. The artwork Coach Stage Stage Coach VR experiment Mary and Eve (2017) by artist Paul McCarthy. This work was created as 11 virtual reality experiments using motion capture to transfer the real movements of the actresses into virtual reality. This may be a symbol for a future ahead of us. In times in which everyone lives in their own reality. Alone among many.

But now enjoy Art Basel 2019 in magnificent pictures by André Volk.



















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