Celia Hammond

Walking down the streets of New York, where the ladies are well dressed and elegant, one cannot ignore the strong aesthetic influence Celia Hammond brought to the Upper East Side (Manhattan).

At Elusive we celebrate icons that build a strong facade to our contemporary culture and Celia Hammond was the leader on the pages (and covers) of Vogue in the 1960s. But she was beyond a beautiful face covering the glossy magazines. With a keen eye for marketing she quickly realized that she could use her modelling platform to campaign against the fur trade, factory farming, vivisection, and other animal abuses. Musician Donovan wrote “Celia Of The Seals” as a tribute to her dynamic attitude.

Celia Hammond Animal Trust has neutered over 130,000 animals, preventing the birth of hundreds of thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens and vaccinated over 175,000 animals. It is now our duty to use our voice for something meaningful.

Scrolling down one finds the sensual and oh-so-vogue images of Celia and it is hard to believe these images were taken five decades ago ( –girls on instagram getting creative-). A beautiful woman that managed to balance her breathtaking looks with her strong selfless voice, that will continually inspire many.

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Elusive Magazine Dimitria Markou Celia Hammond Vogue UK October 1967 Ronald Traeger Countess Giovanna Nievo earringsCelia Hammond “wearing an evening turban of organza and gold with earrings by Countess Giovanna Nievo, photo by Ronald Traeger used for Vogue UK cover, Oct. 1967.”

Celia Hammond, July Vogue 1963 Bert Stern Dimitria Markou Elusive MagazineJuly Vogue 1963
Bert Stern Terence Donovan Cecilia Hammond 1962 Dimitria Markou Eluisve MagazinePhotographed by Terence Donovan in 1962

CELIA HAMMOND, CIRCA 1966 Terence Donovan Elusive Magazine Dimitria MarkouPhotographed by Terence Donovan in 1966

Dimitria Markou Eluisve Magazine Cecilia Hammond, LONDON, 5 SEPTEMBER 1962 Terence DonovanPhotographed by Terence Donovan in 1962

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