Dilia Knobel


Dilia Knobel, Editor

What I like: 
Fantastic Man. Magazines in general. Black. And white. The smell of new leather. Marc Jacobs. Spontaneity. Cutting edge food. Buildings by Zaha Hadid. The moment one drops off checked luggage. Cultural diversity. Tolstoy. And Dostoyevsky. Bloody Mary’s, extra spicy. Shortcut Command-Z. Industrial designs. New York. London. Vancouver. Movies by Fincher, Aronofsky and Iñárritu. Clouds. Vespas. Walking on fresh snow. The sound of the HBO intro. Racoons. Running in the rain. Highway driving.
What I dislike:
City driving. Inconsiderate people. Cramped legroom, especially in planes. Generalizations. Waiting. Fake friendliness. Cold showers. Sameness. Heights. Panettone.

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