Dimitria Markou

Dimitria Markou, Editor

What I like: 
Fish – to eat and observe. Documentaries. Artists Talks and Ted Talks. Watching Steve Jobs’ product presentations. The power of knowledge. Art. Jeff Koons and Aldo Mondino. Making paperflowers out of crêpe paper. Yoga and stretching. Good manners. Finance Talks. Travelling. Cooking. Strong, black coffee. Coconut oil. Maintaining shiny and well polished toenails.
What I dislike:
Early sunsets and late sunrises. Disrespectful and ignorant individuals. Poor hygiene. People talking loudly on their phones. Forgetting to clean my paintbrushes. Dirty and hard paintbrushes. Cleaning dirty and hard paintbrushes. Running out of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie. 

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