Du Tour Residence

Architecture firm Open Form, together with interior design firm FX Studio par Clairoux, have completed the renovation of a home in Laval, Canada.

Designed by an architect in the ‘60s, this house has belonged to the same family for decades. Its very special character and distinctive details were to be retained. The designers challenge were to transform the home’s interior into a contemporary space without losing its soul and the memories associated with it – and they succeeded! The interior of this “prairie style” family home was transformed with sobriety and elegance into a contemporary space and the bucolic touches that unite inside and outside have been enhanced. The mix of stone, masonry and wood in the transformation of the exterior is very much in the style of the original house.

Photos by Adrien Williams


Du Tour Residence 2
Du Tour Residence 3
Du Tour Residence 4
Du Tour Residence 5
Du Tour Residence 6
Du Tour Residence 7
Du Tour Residence 8
Du Tour Residence 9
Du Tour Residence 10
Du Tour Residence 11
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