“Edges of the Metaverse” opening at elementum.art NFT Gallery in Zurich


The “Edges of the Metaverse” is a physical exhibition showcasing the distant edges of the metaverse(s) captured by the new media artist, photographer, explorer, activist, and storyteller Aaron Huey. The exhibition features photographs and videos from the furthest edges of various virtual worlds, documented during Aaron Huey’s assignment to the metaverse by the National Geographic magazine; Huey’s works are exhibited exclusively at elementum.art pop up gallery and sold as NFTs. The physical location fosters a communicative space for connection and interaction where the inter-relational dynamics between the digital and and the physical ecosystems interconnect. 



“We are surrounded by both visible and invisible edges and borders and barriers that we often choose not to see.  It is our work as documentarians and as artists to reveal them.”—Aaron Huey

AARON HUEY, Underworld 021 (Under Ice), 2022, VRChat

AARON HUEY, Underworld (Under Fire), 2022, VRChat

Spanning over 380 square meters, the elementum.art NFT gallery is situated at the Circle 18; a two-minute walk from Switzerland’s largest international airport renowned for its quality of stay and for high-end shopping and dining experiences. The elementum.art NFT Gallery is an immersive space will not just reflect the zeitgeist, but will also foster an understanding of the historical past with NFTs and from the perspective of present circumstances, with a view towards the future

RSVP here to attend the opening on Wednesday, 28 September (18:00-21:00).

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Partners of the elementum.art NFT Gallery include:
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