First Monday of October / The Internet Edition

First Monday of the month means a new entry about art. What we like, what we want to share and where we spread our love. In August we started with Maurizio Cattelan’s Chessboard, in September continued with Franz West’s exhibition at the Eva Presenhuber gallery and this month it’s all about those creative creatures that don’t get the recognition they deserve, yet. May we present: artists from the internet!

Seven fresh emerging artists, straight out of our screens to your screens. Enjoy the visuals, the thoughts and the emotions. We can only say one thing: What a great compilation!

Angie Jones:Angie Jones, Pomp and Ceremony Elusive Magazine Angie Jones, Ms. Kahlo Elusive Magazine


James Tebutt:
James Tebbutt, I've Got The Wrong Eyes Elusive Magazine James Tebbutt, Miniature 3 (Pink and Green) Elusive Magazine


Dimitria Markou:
Dimitria Markou, From the Series Sweet Nothings, Butterfly I, 2014 Dimitria Markou, From the Series Sweet Nothings, Celebration, 2014


Carola Schapals:
Carola Schapals, Decorated house before Elusive Magazine Carola Schapals, Where I allways stay in my dreams Elusive Magazine



Corrado Zeni:
Corrado Zeni, Acqua Elusive Magazine


John A Sargent III:
John A Sargent III, CHILD'S PLAY Elusive Magazine John A Sargent III, PORTRAIT OF REASONS Elusive Magazine


Jeffrey Isaac:
Jeffrey Isaac, Satan on the rocks Elusive Magazine Jeffrey Isaac, Beelzebub and bathers  Elusive Magazine

Featured Illustration by Dimitria Markou

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