Ghosts don’t walk in straight lines

“It is winter in New York and icy cold – not the best moment to take a walk in the city. People are hurrying to get where they are going, hunched into their coats, sunk in thought. I, too, am on my way somewhere and I notice that the speed with which the throngs of people around me move through the city makes me feel rather lost, and as a result, I start to move more slowly when getting in and out of the metro and on the stairs leading up to the street. I keep walking ever more slowly until I am walking through the streets at a very slow pace. It pleases me and gives me a sense of peace. I look at the faces and bodies of passersby, the space between them and note the moment our paths cross. All of a sudden my position in this city becomes clear and details evident. I feel the need to do this for longer, to take a whole day to better observe the world around me.” – Saskia de Brauw.

Launch on Thursday March 8 at The Store X, 180 The Strand (Arundel Street Entrance), London WC2R 1EA. Invitation required.

Saskia de Brauw // Vincent van de Wijngaard


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