After giving a personal touch to Sherlock Holmes in two brilliant movies (Sherlock Homes and A Game Of Shadows) Guy Ritchie has now brought a popular 1960s spy-fi series of the same name back to life: “The Man from U.N.C.L.E”. In a nutshell, the result is hilariously magnificent.

On the one hand we have Henry Cavill as CIA agent Napoleon Solo (the “American James Bond”) and on the other Armie Hammer as KGB agent Illya Kuryakin. The unlikely pair receive the assignment from their Soviet and American employers to fight a common and nuclear enemy. Thrown in to this explosive mix is the delightful Alicia Vikander starring as Gaby Teller, a German car mechanic living in East Berlin. The chemistry between the three actors is marvellous and one of the reasons why this movie is so entertaining.

The plot is mostly set in Rome in the 60s – a feast for the eyes if you liked the background settings in Mad Men. The classical Guy Ritchie story telling with the flashback scenes always keeps you on your toes – so you can’t get bored. Another rather nice touch are the very smart split screen sequences in which the director plays with the viewer’s eye. But what makes the movie unique are the incredibly funny comical situations thanks to Cavill and Hammer’s dry humour acting. At the end of the movie it leaves you hungry for more.

Watch the trailer.

Written by Jesse Lieberman

image: Warner Bros. Ent.

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