I Cried Because I Love You

The beauty of Tracey Emin’s art lays within the poetry that she creates. The invisibility cloak is removed and you are confronted with Emin’s soul and honesty, a great oxymoron to art’s stark character to always convey a certain mystique and elusiveness.

Emin, the contemporary “We can Do It” bandana heroine, a great feminist that channels beauty and elements of an another era. Soft, but also turbo strong, Emin’s exhibition title came to life with the ‘aha’ moment when she was looking through her old works. There it was, a quote that she had written long ago, so timeless, echoing to all those who can read. ‘Then I realized “I Cried Because I Loved You” is really positive, is really good, and sometimes, in reality, everybody has loved really much, that it hurts”, said Emin.

A true artist at heart, that is not afraid to explore new mediums, her work always translates in classic Emin’s language. This exhibition consists of paintings, embroidery and neon.

Just like a fairytale, the subject of these works unravel around the spirit of love. Taking the structure of a Greek play, to avoid premonition for wearing a ring (that she received as a gift) on her wedding ring, Tracey took a white shroud (which was made to adorn her father’s body at his funeral) and wedded the still and faithful stone, located just outside her studio in the South of France. Once again, she created a beautiful metaphor 
for her lusting, forever lasting, platonicly idealised and enduring love.

Oh Tracey, you make us want to buy that Château de Castille we featured last month and let the French wind whisper sweet nothings in our ear…

I Cried Because I Love You, is on view until May 21st.
White Cube, Hong Kong

*featured image from the performance

Text: Dimitria Markou
Image Courtesy: White Cube

Tracey Emin installation shot i cried because i love you white cube elusive magazine dimitria markouInstallation view

I Cried Because I Love You Tracey Emin Elusive Magazine Dimitria Markou featured imageTracey’s neon handwritten quote (-initially Jopling’s input/idea, but that’s another entry)

I Cried Because I Love You Tracey Emin Elusive Magazine Dimitria Markou

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