Materica engages in an ongoing process of experimentation, harnessing the expressive potential of a wide range of materials, including wood, marble, stone, steel, and textiles. Employing an electric arc gun, they melt wires composed of various metals such as brass, bronze, zinc, and copper, transforming them into micronized particles that are propelled at high speed onto the intended surface for coating. These metal particles swiftly adhere to the pre-treated surface and rapidly cool, effectively preserving the material and its finest details. This remarkably versatile technique elevates even the simplest and seemingly ordinary materials, accentuating textures, following geometric patterns, and, in some instances, smoothing and unifying rough and uneven surfaces. The metal coatings can further undergo treatments such as oxidation, coloring, silvering, antiquing, or polishing, offering a wide range of characters and sensory effects.

Within Alcova’s spaces, a former cold storage room is transformed into a captivating chamber of mirrors. The interior is fully lined with recycled MDF sheets metallized to create a mirror-like effect, undergoing evolving processes of oxidation and coloration. This environment becomes a kaleidoscope of continuous refractions, enhanced by numerous color variations, enveloping visitors and expanding the dimensions of the space infinitely.

Images courtesy of v2com

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