Itacolomi 445 by Gruposp

Gruposp Architects have designed the classy Itacolomi 445 building; located in the Higienópolis district of São Paulo, Brasil. Some words from the architect: The Higienópolis district is characterized by a set of consolidated buildings almost predominantly built in the 50s and 60s. An expressive architecture, well built, and large apartments, with a significant green roof.

The Itacolomi 455 project seeks to strengthen the role of the neighborhood, not to deny it, but opening up to this built landscape while at the same time allowing the district to flood its interior spaces.

An open space with double height on the ground floor, expresses concern in building a relationship between the building and its surroundings, like a square that extends the space of the sidewalk. It allows a view of the street from the interior space and, inversely, a view of the full extent of the site from the street, placing the user in the lot which is a fragment of the surface of the city.

A longitudinal volume clad in wood, hanging over this space, houses the caretaker and the fitness room.

The vertical core volume organizes the floor forming a reception space linked to the street. This volume has a hydraulic tile mural designed by ceramist Kimi Nii, underlining the the relationship of this space with the city.

The rear space, more reserved, houses a common open balcony and the pool, 25 meters long, plus a garden.

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