iTunes codes via Swisscom NATEL® Pay

With NATEL® Pay the iTunes credits are added to your NATEL® bill so there is no more need for credit card or PayPal. You can just pay online with your smartphone – it’s that simple. Your purchased codes can be redeemed in the Swiss iTunes store for music, films, games and apps.

iTunes codes are the digital version of the popular iTunes cards. The vouchers are the perfect gift for anyone who likes music, films, games, apps, books and more. As with the cards, the codes are also available with various credits and can be easily redeemed in the iTunes store, app store and iBooks store by just a few clicks. The credits are then used on a Mac or PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod or Apple TV for downloading purchasable content. The largest online stores accept NATEL® Pay as a payment method for apps, games, music, films, tickets and much more.

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