James Bond has returned in Sam Mendes’ “SPECTRE”, the latest instalment in the reboot of the series. The double 0 agent digs further into his past and discovers more about the sinister organisation that has been hinted at in “SKYFALL”.

The thrilling opening act in Mexico City is fantastic: the mesmerizing camera follows the characters seamlessly and the action packed helicopter scene leaves you still gripping your chair while the opening credits roll into view. A very promising start.

Like most 007 movies there is a lot of “location dropping” as the story hops around from London to Rome, Austria and Tangier with an old fashioned train journey in the desert. But the plot leaves something to be desired. The script writers felt compelled to construct a story arc with the last three Bond movies. It seems like the makers wanted to incorporate all stories and forgot to concentrate on a self-contained scheme for SPECTRE. This is a bit of a shame and the potential of a Christoph Waltz cast is not fully capitalized.

Still the film has a lot of treats, especially for the eyes. An alluring and dazzling Monica Bellucci, a delicate but deadly Léa Seydoux, exquisite costume designs (Tom Ford), fetching scenery and elegant cars. Everything is very “elusive”.

The movie pays homage to many old Bond classics, over “From Russia With Love” to “Live And Let Die”, which makes the little Bond Fan heart beat faster. And after the build-up of the last three Craig movies this time one gets the whole Bond package: Wristwatches, product placements, high-speed chases on snowy slopes, M, Q, cars and girls.

Spectre opens on November 5th, 2015.

Watch the trailer HERE


Written by Jesse Lieberman

image: via 007.com / ©2015 Danjaq, MGM, CPII.

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