Korgamy Collection for Lindstrom Rugs By Karim Rashid

Based in Los Angeles, most of Erik Lindstrom’s rug designs are inspired by the flora and fauna of the natural world. Yet, after meeting artist and designer, Karim Rashid in New York City in 2014, Lindstrom approached Rashid to fill a void in the geometric arena. Bold, yet practical, the Korgamy Collection evokes a sense of cubism or traditional Japanese Origami with intersecting triangular shapes.

“In this project I decided to go back to my engineering roots and deal with a fundamental property of faceted structures. While experimenting with new softwares to triangulate images, I developed Korgamy, extremely complex triangulated compositions of diverse colors which work harmoniously and naturally.”  – Karim Rashid

Lindstrom Rugs specializes in bespoke, hand-woven carpets inspired by natural curiosities.




All images courtesy Lindstrom Rugs.

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