L’Ecole Des Femmes

L’école des Femmes is a clothing line created by a school girl who never seemed to grow out of her uniform. Literally. A little girl named Laura Sfez never grew taller than she was at the age twelve, and her clothes became physically stuck to her body after making a pact with the devil —

“Dear god…” she said.

“I will always be a good girl if you can please make me very smart.” She asked.

“Ha ha stupid girl! There is no god! There is just me. And I can give you a sense of humor and courage, but I cannot MAKE you smart. Instead, how about I make you LOOK smart?” The voice said and then coughed and left.

“But who are you?”

She cried, never to find out. Laura carried on with indeed, a smashing sense of humor and her school uniform pasted to her, come shower or sleep. Rather than worry over the affection, she decided to start her own clothing line and make the rest of the world look like her as to appease the solitude. Some days she makes like a bandit into the mountains in disguise, but only to return as the neat and smiling French school girl shortly after.

Perfectlounge just visited the first L’Ecole Des Femmes Store located on 8119 Melrose Ave and was delighted by both – the collection and the designer/owner Laura Sfez. So don’t miss to visit the store on your next trip to L.A!

Photos by Carlos Nunez, art direction and styling by Laura Sfez.


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