Moët Hennessy Discovery

Last week we attended the exclusive ‘Moët Hennessy Discovery Day’ event at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, Switzerland. Except for champagne, wine and distilled drinks tasting we left (slightly tipsy) with a lot of knowledge and appreciation towards the exquisite quality LVMH offers. Fun fact, Guerlain makes the hand sealing for every single Hennessy bottle!

LVMH; Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE was created in 1987 by France’s biggest art patron and businessman Bernard Arnault (have you check the Fondation Louis Vuitton, yet? If not you can always linger on our entry!). LVMH consists of Wines and Spirits (today’s focus group), Fashion and Leather Goods, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Watches and Jewellery, and Specialist retailing (see Sephora).

With a rich history in champagne, Château d’Yquem was created in 1593, followed by Dom Pérignon (the Rolls-Royce of the champagne world) in 1668 and Ruinart in 1729, LVMH knows how to keep its tradition and thrive in the digital world. Representing ‘Generation Y’, I always loved Gray Malin’s fun Veuve Clicquot Rose insta photos. And have you seen Moët’s pink flamingo limited Edition and the thousands #moetmoment?


Gray Malin

moet-flamingo-dimitria-markou-elusive-magazine-moet-hennessy-discovery-dayMoët & Chandon

Dom Pérignon is upping their game by introducing Dom Pérignon Rosé Luminous Label, an infusion on personal and emotional level (think ordering that bottle in a night club, you’ll be getting quite some of that dancing the girls in the video are doing below!).

My favourite will always be the Krug Grande Cuvée, extremely sophisticated taste with a blend of more than 120 wines from ten, or more different years. Each bottle has a unique six digit number on its back label that you can enter into the Krug App (download for free). The goal is to enrich your experience through various tips, including the correct serving glasses, recommended playlist and food pairing. Santé!



Now that the cold wind started blowing and the home-gathering invitations increase (especially as Christmas and New Year approaches), a fine Belvedere (RED) Vodka bottle comes in handy. This year’s limited Edition (from Sep.-Dec.) will be donating 50 percent of its profits to the Global Fund to fight and eliminate HIV/AIDS in Africa. John Legend, the ambassador of Belvedere (RED) developed the campaign’s core values: security, change, support, and unity. To bring these to life, South African artist Esther Mahlangu designed the bottle’s artwork in the colourful style of her Ndebele tribal art.

esther-mahlangu_pr-visual-4-copylr-elusive-magazine-belvedere-red-dimitria-markou-moet-hennessy-discovery-day-zurichEsther Mahlangu designing the Belvedere RED bottle

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