Moving Day

The Pacific ocean right in front of me, I put the U-Haul truck in park and shut off the engine. When I rolled up the rear door to get out my camera, I suddenly paused. This was it. Every single thing I owned was right there in front of me, neatly stacked like in a three-dimensional and more complicated game of Tetris. There was that chair I bought when I moved out of my parents house. A box with all my records, one with bed sheets, one with pens and paper, another one with all my pictures. It was everything. Every physical thing I have accumulated over the course of three decades. Love letters and bank statements.

Sixteen months have passed and my methodically packed cargo has now become what I call home. This column, aptly titled Love Letters and Bank Statements, is a collection of stories that might give you a different perspective on life. Welcome to Los Angeles.


Text and photography by Mike Zwahlen.
Mike Zwahlen works for Google and moonlights as a writer and photographer. He is the co-founder and Creative Director of Elusive Magazine and lives in Los Angeles, California.


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