“NFT ART DAY ZRH” conference in Switzerland

The E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks collaborates with Tokengate on presenting NFT ART DAY ZRH – the first major conference on NFTs and the metaverse held in Switzerland. By focusing on the multifaceted world of NFTs, the aim is to offer a platform to artists, collectors, and institutions interested in NFTs and their possibilities.

The inaugural NFT ART DAY ZRH conference will take place on Sunday, 12th of June at the Kunsthaus Zürich Auditorium in the context of Zurich Art Weekend and prior to the opening of Art Basel in Basel.

International speakers will explore the multifaceted relationship between art and NFTs, the innovation of Blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens as an innovative conceptual medium, the NFT market, as well as the social impact of blockchain technology on our society. The panelists will include international NFT experts, collectors, artists, and curators as well as institutions that work and contribute to the realm of digital art.

NFT ART DAY ZRH’s mission is to build an NFT community that deeply connects with a more traditional understanding of the art world. To this end, NFT ART DAY ZRH aims to create the first platform that bridges the traditional art world with the emerging NFT and digital art communities. An annual conference, the first of which will take place this year, is set to become the physical meeting point for the interested audience.

NFT ART DAY ZRH is a collaboration between the E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks and Tokengate. NFT ART DAY ZRH is a project initiated by Katharina de Vaivre, Managing Director of E.A.T. and Georg Bak, Head of Art Department at Tokengate.

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Image: NFT artwork «Kleee 02» by Johannes Gees, on the ice ring of the Hotel Castell in Zuoz. Photo: Mayk Wendt. Courtesy E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks Stiftung

E.A.T. / Engadin Art Talks is Forum of art, architecture, design, literature, and innovation that takes place in Zuoz in the Engadin valley. It brings together leading thinkers from the arts to share their ideas, visions, and expertise. Since its beginning, E.A.T. has featured more than 300 international speakers and contributors. In addition to the annual forum in Zuoz, E.A.T. presents a nomadic series of talks and collaborations with international institutions throughout the year in some of Europe’s cultural capitals to pursue its mission abroad.

E.A.T. is founded by Cristina Bechtler and a core team of renowned curators with the aim to find novel perspectives on a socially relevant theme that frames each edition. In the context of this year’s theme Matter & Memory, E.A.T. is collaborating with Tokengate to present the first NFT ART DAY ZRH conference in Switzerland.

Image: NFT artwork «Connection Voice Gem V» by Reeps 1 (Harry Yeff) and Trung Bao. Courtesy elementum.art

Established in 2018, Tokengate connects people and tokens safely through the gates of authorities, banks, auditors and exchanges. Our team of blockchain experts specialises in six key industries: Art and Collectibles (two pillar projects are SNOWCASH and elementum.art), Commodities and Minerals, Real Estate, ESG and IP, Sports and Gaming, and various Financial Products.

SNOWCASH creates physical and virtual happenings in multiple metaverses with a series of exhibitions; the first physical show will be inaugurated at Kunsthalle Zürich on October 8th 2022, followed by talks, conferences, events and drops with affiliated artists, architects and designers. 

elementum.art is one of the first NFT art platforms built on blockchain technology where you can buy, stream, trade, and exhibit NFT art online. It is a curated platform specialised in new media and photography NFT art.


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