Picasso Sculptures MoMA

Picasso, the Andalusian genius that when he’d sign checks, people wouldn’t cash in, simply because his signature was (very much still is) worth more than the money signed for.

Powerful, fatal, dedicated to his craft and mucho manly. He could have any woman he wanted, just with the power of his minotaurs eyes (-and women do get weak on the knees from a strong gaze). Well, with those minotaurs eyes he saw things differently, then painted and sometimes sculptured them. He got stuff done. My kind of artist, no assistants (interns) and “production” team(s) needed. Veni, vidi, vici a.k.a he came, he saw and conquered.

MoMA has put together an oeuvre of Picasso’s spanning six decades three-dimensional ideas and explorations, from Head of a Woman (most specifically, that’s Fernande; Picasso’s French girlfriend, and I must say it is no secret those two knew how to fight-just like drunk football hooligans. No surprise one of Demoiselles d’Avignon women was modeled on her), the auction’s favourite Picasso ceramics and of course phallic female heads are not missing the show. On that note, the latest scandalous news come from the court. One of Picasso’s 1931 plaster of his muse Marie-Thérèse (the phallic woman head sculpture, our featured image) is the subject that the royal couple of Qatar (he owns and she runs the Qatar Museums Authority) and the other royal of the art world, Larry Gagosian are disagreeing on. The subject is the custody over the sculpture, both claim they are the rightful owners. Bring the pop-corn, dim the lights, that’s quite the thriller to watch unfold!

At an exhibition overcrowded as this one, it is a luxury to give you a taste of the visuals. Enjoy and don’t be shy, spread the news, Elusive style.

Very important to know that Pablo was a trained painter and a self-taught sculptor. It has been over half a century since the USA had the opportunity to enjoy such a rich selection of Picasso’s sculptures. 

Exhibition runs until February 7. 

Could be penned, but for this occasion typed: Dimitria Markou.

MoMa Picasso Sculptures Dimitria Markou Elusive Magazine family sculpture

MoMa Picasso Sculptures Dimitria Markou Elusive Magazine close up

MoMa Picasso Sculptures Dimitria Markou Elusive Magazine phallus female faces sculptureMoMa Picasso Sculptures Dimitria Markou Elusive Magazine goatMoMa Picasso Sculptures Dimitria Markou Elusive Magazine front
MoMa Picasso Sculptures Dimitria Markou Elusive Magazine back

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