Richard Neutra / Furniture

We know Richard Neutra (1892 – 1970) as the creator of sleek, light-flooded modern californian architecture. Born in Vienna and scholar of Adolf Loos and the Swiss architect Gustav Ammann, Neutra built numerous urban settlements, schools, offices and villas, some even in Switzerland.

In the context of his entire career, Neutra was slowly getting more and more recognition for his work in the field of interior design as he often created small series and custom-made furniture for his clients to complement the style of his villa- and housing-designs. In 2012 the German furniture house VS rediscovered Neutra’s pieces and researched and documented together with Dion Neutra, the son and business partner of Richard Neutra, a new factory collection in Los Angeles. This growing collection includes pieces such as the iconic boomerang chair that was created specifically for the residential development Channel Heights in 1940.

Neutra’s achievements from architecture to interior design can currently be viewed at the Architekturforum in Zurich. /

Richard Neutra
Richard Neutra Chairs
Richard Neutra Lovell Heath House
images: courtesy of CONZEPT-B

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