SH House by 01ARQ

Architecture studio 01ARQ have designed the breathtaking SH House, located in La Dehesa, Lo Barnechea, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile. Some words from the architects: The main challenge was to achieve the integration of both immediate and distant landscape with house own programs. To this end stone walls, allowed the formation of different courtyards in different heights. The House appropriates the slope through single volume. At the entrance the first patio is organized by a small pond and a series of walls of ancient woods used on the railway lines. The kitchen is located at the south of the lot and it is surrounded by two small patios that makes cross ventilation possible and give light to the basement, were children play room is located. The bedrooms and privet areas are located in within a concrete volume that develops a 20mts span over the main courtyard without structural supports, under it, the living and dining areas are located surrounded by a large window that opens completely allowing integration with the main patio and the pool. The barbecue is located in an open space between the living room and a game room, from here is possible to access to the higher courtyard through a travertine marble staircase. The rooms are connected to this area by a terrace at the east of the concrete volume. The materials used are concrete, stone, carob wood and glass primarily.

Photographs by Aryeh Kornfeld.

SH House : 01ARQ 1
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