Shadowtime at SXSW

After its world premiere at the 80th Venice International Film Festival, and showcases at venues like the Eye Museum, the Geneva Int’l Film Festival, and Thessaloniki Int’l Film Festival, Shadowtime now engages the heart of technological innovation at SXSW with critical reflections on digital escapism and the climate crisis.

Coined by the Bureau of Linguistical Reality, the term “Shadowtime” describes the feeling of occupying two irreconcilable times simultaneously. Written and directed by Sister Sylvester and Deniz Tortum, and produced by Institute of Time, Shadowtime guides viewers through this duality of existence, pushing participants to ponder their roles within the digital and ecological realms.

“Shadowtime represents our critical exploration of these important themes,” said Deniz Tortum, continuing, “And we’re looking forward to presenting it to SXSW audiences and the wider tech community for the very first time.”

At SXSW—a festival celebrated as a mecca for tech visionaries—Shadowtime critiques the medium itself. Contrasting digital escapism and tangible environmental challenges, Shadowtime urges a reevaluation of our priorities in an era where technological advancement often overshadows the urgent need for climate action.

Shadowtime is more than a poetic exploration of VR’s potential; it is a reflective journey that encourages audiences to reconsider technology’s role amidst the climate crisis. By presenting a world where digital and physical realities are inextricably linked, the project underscores the interconnectedness of our world and the need to prioritize actionable solutions for our planet.

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