STARKART: O F F S P A C E / 3rd Opening

With the exhibition O F F S P A C E – Speculative tracing, an exhibition is dedicated for the first time in Switzerland, on the misunderstood character of TAGS and a speculative view to their future development.

TAGS are primarily represented in popular Western media as a plague, but simultaneously used for advertising. For STARKART a reason enough to examine the unwanted characters. O F F S P A C E examines the circulation which every subculture sooner or later is going through: creation, marketing and disintegration. The exhibition will be transformed accordingly three times and each transformation is celebrated as an opening (this Friday, 25th September is the third and final). Tags are shown in connection with their commercialization and the relation to street art.

Enjoy the 3rd Opening: Friday, 25th September 2015, 19:00 o’clock.

Brauerstrasse 126
8004 Zürich

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