Swisscom x Apple – payment via mobile phone billing

Payment via Swisscom billing is a feature already being used on millions of Android devices. But now Swisscom and Apple have embarked on a unique collaboration: effective immediately, all Swisscom customers have an even more convenient payment option for their digital purchases in the App Store and on iTunes, Apple Music, iBooks and Apple TV. The payment to Apple is simply added to the monthly mobile phone bill.

You can buy your favourite artist’s latest release, download exciting new apps or renew a subscription to a weekly journal. Getting hold of digital content on to your smartphone has become as easy a sending text messages or making phone calls. Swisscom is now offering a cross-platform mobile billing method with Carrier Billing. This was reserved only for Android users before but it is now available to millions of Apple customers via Swisscom. Thanks to an extensive collaboration, they can as of now easily pay for digital content in the App Store and on iTunes, Apple Music, iBooks and Apple TV via their mobile phone bills.

Up until now, Swisscom mobile customers could for example pay for their Apple purchases with digital codes (vouchers). Now, apps and favourite tracks can be paid for directly via mobile phone billing. In order to do this Swisscom customers simply need their Apple ID and to set the preferred payment method for Apple as billing via Swisscom. They will then receive a text message code for verification. It will work on all Apple devices once it is set up. The advantages are crystal clear: paying via mobile phone billing is a quick and secure way to buy online. It is available both prepaid and as a post-paid subscription.

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