Tacit, an elusive perfume

What happens if you combine Nana Mouskouri singing “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”, the film “In the Mood for Love”, Giorgio de Chirico and the colour Pantone green 363?

‘Tacit’ the upcoming fragrance of Aesop (unisex of course), rich in citrus notes and distinctly contemporary in liberal use of Basil Grant Vert. ‘Tacit’ stands for the unspoken, an elusive almost indefinable quality that is experienced rather than articulated.

The perfume is accompanied by a short video, by Australian generative artist and designer Jonathan McCabe, who converts information inputs into algorithms that direct movement of colour and pattern. American composer and musician Jesse Paris Smith created the haunting soundtrack. Stills from the video furnished 61 unique iterations for Tacit’s packaging, making it distinctively yet subtly diverse, and hinting at the olfactory pleasure to come.

After spending nine years in collaborative talks with Céline Barel, Aesop, the ultra minimalistic, botanic-based products seducing body and mind are ready to launch their second perfume on Monday, September 7th. The Eau de Parfum will be available to purchase worldwide and at Aesop Online.

Tacit will lasts on your skin for up to five hours, if you wish to extend the experience you may accentuate the aroma with Rind Concentrate Body Balm, or Reverence Aromatique Hand Balm.

Illustration by Dimitria Markou

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