The Dark Tower book series is a grandiose tour de force, considered to be Stephen King’s Magnum Opus. The stories are a marvellous blend of genres: Fantasy, Horror, Western, Mystery and Dystopia. King does an incredible job on building a fascinating world, with a vast history and deep characters. The books are a must-read for fantasy nerds and addicts.

Naturally, expectations for the upcoming film adaption are sky high. The first impression after the trailer: disappointing. Second impression, after some thought and considering that it is the launch of a television series: ‘ok, maybe it will be good after all’.

The movie is intended to be a continuation of the book series and apparently starts off after the ending of the seventh book. The cast is promising with Idris Elba as the Gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black. But the trailer conveys the impression of a film packed with too much story. This could overwhelm the average viewer and ultimately result in a flop.

We will keep our fingers crossed and hope that the director Nikolaj Arcel knows what he is doing.

See for yourselves:

In theaters August 4.

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