This Is What’s Left

Jim and Sam released new music today on Spotify, iTunes and everywhere else you can find music on the Internet. They have recorded these songs in Denmark with a few insanely talented Swedish men – producer Lasse Marten, multi-instrumentalist Anders Pettersson and drummer Magnus Olsson.


1. My Body My Bones
2. Pull Over Now
3. Central Park
4. Holy Water

“It’s all about transitioning. The songs, these recordings, life, our relationships to each other and to the music. What’s relevant to you at one time shifts so quickly. It’s why we love it and what makes it so hard. Recording these songs was like being at summer camp. It all makes sense when you’re there. You’re in the moment, it’s magical, and you become something you can only be when you’re away from home. Then you come home and it’s hard to describe in words what happened. So you do the laundry, go to the grocery store, and realize this is what’s left.”




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