Villa KDP

The villa KDP designed by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects is situated not far from the Belgian Coast near the French border, in an area plenty of dunes and trees. The site itself embodies a big natural dune that ascends towards the main street.

By the elevation towards the front, the living rooms, kitchen and master bedroom overlook the trees opposite to the main road. A hedge, made out of local natural vegetation allow privacy. To enjoy the scenery outside, a terrace, partly covered by a secondary canopy, is cutout within the glass volume. All rooms at the front are centered around the terrace. They are all interconnected.

Structurally the elevated volume is balanced on a cellar. This underground concrete mass serves as a counterweight, bearing the entire ground floor. This allows the front of the house to float above ground.

Photography by Tim Van De Velde and Hendrik Biegs


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