Every now and then you walk into a store and feel at home. VNYL on Abbot Kinney Boulevard is one of those places. On the sidewalk right in front of the entrance a spray-painted sign announces “a record store”, but VNYL is more than just that. It’s a highly curated, and well organized collection of vinyl records. It’s absolutely possible to look at every single one of them within fifteen minutes, which makes for a surprisingly enjoyable experience.

There’s a great selection of analog music playing over the speakers, a large outdoor patio, and a friendly crew, all of which invite you to hang out and enjoy the Venice lifestyle. It’s refreshing to get this human connection instead of just a transaction.

Like many great ideas these days, the concept was born online. On, you can sign up for a membership, pick a vibe (think Spotify playlist, e.g. “lazy Sunday”), and get 3 vintage records every month.

In a world where more and more aspects of our lives move online and become intangible, having someone hand-curate music, and present it to you in a beautiful box is a welcome change of pace. The neon sign on the back wall of the store says it best:

Let’s get physical.


All images via getvnyl Instagram.


Text by Mike Zwahlen.

Mike Zwahlen works for Google and moonlights as a writer and photographer. He is the co-founder and Creative Director of Elusive Magazine and lives in Los Angeles, California.

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