VOR Shoes ‘special offer for ELUSIVE readers’

German brand VOR is the maker of outstanding shoes. Their commitment to perfection is not merely reflected in their manifest (see below). You will experience what it means to wear the finest, handcrafted sneaker money can buy, when you get a pair of your own.

ELUSIVE readers can save an exclusive 10% off VOR shoes. Use the voucher Elusive10 during the order process. The special offer is valid until July 20.


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A few words about VOR
First of all: we make shoes. But shoes are not what we produce. It’s quality. And to us, quality means absolute perfection.

Passionate perfectionists
We have to admit to our obsession. We are obsessive perfectionists and burning devotees. We spend days, weeks, researching the best materials used in the best soles. Which is the most suitable profile? What do the soles smell of? How do they react to dust? How many different shades of white are available? In short: who are the best manufacturers of the best soles? Then we do some detective work to find out if these manufacturers are interested in quality. Whether to them, quality means absolute perfection, as it does to us. Complete and utter devotion. Whether they are just as obsessed as we are. And if not, we start the whole process again. Then we do the same thing for the leather, the laces, the glue, the thread, the colours, the packaging, the seams, everything. That’s what we call love. A love of perfection.

Handmade enthusiasts
You might call it old school. But to us, handcrafted items are an expression of the modern consumer’s demands regarding a product’s origins. This enthusiasm guided our decision to handcraft our shoes in Germany. In a manufactory in southern Germany, to be exact. After all, that’s where the shoemakers work who share our peculiar obsession and passion. We’re especially proud of the label “Handcrafted in Germany”, naturally. This label reassures us that our quality standards for our shoes have definitely been met. The label also lets you know that you’re wearing a shoe that hasn’t already travelled the world – until you put them on, anyway.

Minimalist design
Our shoes are instantly recognisable, mainly because of the incredible effort we put into becoming known for eliminating details. Identifiable more by their refined appearance than impactful presentation. That’s what makes VOR products modern. But never trendy. If we had to choose an adjective, it would have to be “timeless”.

Andreas Klingseisen & Jörg Rohwer-Kahlmann

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