In a bygone era, Earth was struck by an asteroid, leaving behind a profound crater and an abundance of extraterrestrial fragments. In the backdrop of 1950s America, families and their school-going children embark on a journey across the nation to the secluded desert town of Asteroid City, the chosen location for the prestigious Junior Stargazer Congress. Alongside them, astronomers, educators, and military personnel eagerly respond to the call of this momentous occasion.

However, instead of the anticipated scientific competition, a series of unforeseen events unfold, causing upheaval and bewilderment—especially when an enigmatic alien abruptly materializes. The military swiftly reacts, designating Asteroid City as a restricted zone without hesitation. No one is allowed entry, and no one can escape its confines, including Mitch Campbell (Jason Schwartzman), his four children, and his father-in-law (Tom Hanks). Resigned to their circumstances, they endeavor to make the best of their situation. For Mitch, this entails striking up an unlikely friendship with an actress (Scarlett Johansson) who is similarly trapped in this peculiar predicament.

In a way, this is the first science fiction film by director Wes Anderson. It starts in Switzerland on June 15.

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