Woody Allen’s “Irrational Man” Movie Review

After his many declarations of love to cities of Europe (Barcelona, Paris and Rome) Woody Allen returns to the romantic crime thrillers we so much enjoyed when we first marvelled at the suspense in Match Point (2005).

In Allen’s latest work we have the pleasure of watching the excellent performance of Joaquin Phoenix in the role of a depressed college professor, Abe Lucas, who is desperately trying to find a will to live. The impulsive Abe Lucas, always acting on a whim (shown best in a wonderful scene one evening at a house party) manifests the exact opposite of the boyfriend of Jill Pollard (Emma Stone), one of his students. A friendship between Jill and Abe begins and the plot rolls on.

Even though most of the plot can be anticipated we love the protagonists and the average Woody Allen film viewer has grown to expect the characters to behave the way they do. The soul of his films have always been the lovely dialogues and Mr. Allen does not disappoint with his newest creation.

Irrational Man is this summer’s delight of crime and romance.


Written by Jesse Lieberman

image: Sony Pictures Classics

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