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A fresh take on legal services. In Switzerland, legal advice and legal support is becoming simpler, more transparent and less expensive. Following the successful launch in Berne, YLEX has opened a walk-in store for legal services at Stadthausstrasse 43 in Winterthur and at Spisergasse 17 in St. Gallen. All three stores look anything but like a traditional law firm. A fourth store is comming to Zurich in November 2020.

The concept is reminiscent of the Apple Stores and comparable to the Apple Support. Those seeking advice can get the help they need online, by phone or in person in the stores.

YLEX lawyers offer comprehensible legal advice through personal conversations in the stores, via the online platform “ylex.ch” and on the phone.

YLEX’s pricing model is simple and transparent. The initial consultation to analyse the case costs CHF 60. Legal advice, which also includes examining documents or conducting legal research, costs another CHF 100. A specific intervention, such as writing a draft or sending a letter to the other party, is also possible on request and is available from a further CHF 100. This simple model gives clients full control over costs and procedure at all times: Customers decide at any time themselves to what extent they want to take action to pursue their legal claims.

YLEX thus brings the law to the people and actually realizes the idea of better access to justice.


YLEX Store Winterthur Juristische Unterstützung und Rechtsberatung
YLEX Store Winterthur

YLEX Store Bern Juristische Unterstützung und Rechtsberatung
YLEX Store Bern

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